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What makes us different?

We specialise in large tenancies and the integrated management of single-owner complexes.

Your home is our priority

We take care of your property as if it were our own.

We are on your side

Our job is to defend the unprotected position of the landlord as the law is clearly on the side of the tenant.

We meet your needs

We make your property profitable, control of expenses and investments, constant revision of prices, revalue your property in order to have a higher profit.

Services offered

We offer a comprehensive service so that you do not have to hire a service in each company, we will have a complete knowledge of the situation and that will make your investment profitable.

Commercial management of the property: advertising, visits, solvency filter and signing of the reservation document for the property.

Contract management: requesting documentation from the client for the signing of the contract, drawing up the contract, handing over and inventory, explaining the rules of the property and the complex to the client, and management of deposits with the Association of Property Administrators.

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Delivery and reception of the contracted spaces at the beginning and end of the lease, as well as the drafting of handover and departure protocols.

Contracting of supplies

Claim of contract settlements.

Control of the expiry of lease contracts

Issuance of monthly rent receipts/invoices, issuance of direct debit rent remittance and collection management.

Rent updates and other contract peculiarities.

Periodic accounting detailing the expenses incurred in the complex and/or properties separately.

Financial analysis of income and expenditure, setting targets and ensuring they are achieved.

Management of incidents and claims that may occur in the complex and/or the properties, passing on, where appropriate, the cost to the tenant

Periodic control of the installations in the case of large forks with complete buildings.

Verification of insurance requirements, taking out and termination of insurance policies with the client's prior consent. Handling of insurance claims and the corresponding damage settlement including the safeguarding of claims against insurance companies in the name of and on behalf of the client.

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Management of external services, e.g. recruitment of personnel, services, maintenance, etc

VAT, personal income tax and other tax returns.

Amicable and/or contentious collection management.

Management of evictions.

Objective and financial review of invoices and their payments.

Payment of taxes and services or work carried out, such as supplier invoices, IBIs, rubbish, fords...

Frequently asked questions

Additional services

If you have other needs, please contact us, we offer the contracting of specific services e.g. bookkeeping only, one hour of legal advice, constitution of a community...